I am not a parent…Yet. Many people believe you can only comment on parenting when you are one. I disagree. We are all children, and so have all experienced different kinds of parenting. Just as companies obtain feedback from consumers, surely feedback on parenting techniques should come from children too?

So, as a ‘child’ here is some feedback.

1) For heavens sake, leave your kids be!

Short of teaching them the basic p’s and q’s and general skills for life, i.e how to use a fork and knife… I believe most people would actually have turned out OK if it wasn’t for the input of overbearing and over enthusiastic parents.

2) Pick your battles!!

Getting told off constantly for minor offences do not make you less likely to commit them, just less likely to care next time.

3) If you’ve got a good one, relax. Before you ruin it.

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