A poem by a young African. A scientist, a photographer and a poet.


Took it bottled it up
Heat it up a little
It sprung forth like an animal
that had been caged for eternity
Fierce in its tenacity.
Snarls and claws
As it went down on all fours
And as if in a burst of insanity
Sprung several feet into the air
Defying all known laws of gravity
Levitated for a second or two
Then it was back to reality
Gravity was no longer the force that pulls
More like the force that pushed
But still it landed on its feet
Just like any cat should
Gets yu truly and really wondering
Why humans are always landing on their back
Eventually they struggle to get up
i’m intrigued by this feline skill that we lack
Guess I should take it
And bottle it up a little
Maybe , and just maybe
When I choose to spread my wings
And decide to, despite all logic
Defy the rules of gravity
I know my two feet will be there
To catch me when I fall.

By Muchengeti Kehle

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