Enemies of contentment.

Today, I learnt the enemies of contentment…

Comparison– Because the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side. His/her bowl is always fuller. In todays society we are constantly reminded that someone else is prettier, skinnier, curvier, richer, fitter, more loved. In a world where all we see are facebook statuses that insist that others have lives that are more perfect. We can’t resist, we must compare. Too often the verdict is that others have more, worse still… we start to believe they are just, More.

Hurry– I want it, I want it now. In the age of twitter, where we cannot spare too many moments. Keep it down to 140 characters please! I’ve got too many thoughts to scroll through. We want it all, but have not the patience to wait for it. We want the world, when all we really need is the patience to appreciate the now. Slow and steady wins the race, we must not let greed set the pace.


Today, I made the decision to be content. Contentment of course does not have to mean we stop progressing. For me it will mean enjoying every part of my journey. As a reminder, I have made a poster of an empty bowl. And I will fill with all the wonderful things in my life. I invite you, to be content with me…

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