Yarn braids

Recently I made the decisions to stop paying for things I can potentially do myself…

So, I started with my hair! Since my mother stopped styling my hair, I have paid hairdressers to do so for me every month!

I could comb my hair out, and that’s about it! But now I was determined. I went to my local ‘Shaws the drapers’ and bought SIX bunches? of yarn. Well, now I’m committed right? I read a lot of blogs about yarn brains, watched as many YouTube videos as I could! The general consensus was… This is gonna take a while. So, I dedicated a whole day to the process.

So come Sunday morning (In hindsight I should have started on Saturday!) hair washed and conditioned, I began.

I braided…


and braided…




you guessed it! I braided.

13 hours later… it was bedtime, and I was NOT done. Almost, but not quite. Oh well, nothing a little creative styling couldn’t solve. In fact, I enjoyed the style so much I didn’t complete my braids till the Wednesday!

Mission accomplished


The finished product was fabulous, (yes, that’s me as a superhero) I love it. Skill level: Braids


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