Radio City Tower (St Johns Beacon) – Liverpool

Interesting fact: The beacon was originally meant to be a chimney. 

Admission to the tower is £5.00 for an adult, £4.00 for students and £3.00 for children.

You get into the building and meet a security guard/receptionist. On your left side there’s a wall of awards. The security guard takes payment and leads you into an elevator. The elevator will take you up to the first floor. In 30 seconds. …. 400 Feet in 30 seconds. They are very proud of this. I think it’s kinda impressive… My ears popped.
Once you’re out of the elevator, you can see most of Liverpool stretching out in front of you! Its pretty breathtaking. If you’re into photography, this is a good place to be. On this 1st floor there are radio station studios as well. Sometimes visitors are allowed in, but I didn’t get the chance. You might be one of the lucky ones who get to enter the studio.
After the first floor, you step back into the elevator and are taken to the 2nd floor (the zoo room). The views are similar but you can see even further afield. The tower rotates, slowly. Some people said they felt the rotation, but I personally didn’t.

For those who are scared of heights, it’s worth mentioning that I went with someone with a mild fear. And he was perfectly fine. The thick glass provided some comfort.

This Liverpool attraction is worth a visit, especially for the potentially breathtaking pictures. It’s about a half hour experience. I think it would be better if the tower was open in the evening. I can only imagine how magnificent the view would be when the city is alight.


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