Words I Never Said: Megabus.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing regarding a return journey I made on one of your coaches.
The outbound trip went swimmingly.
It was the high level of comfort and staff professionalism I have come to expect from you.
However, on my return journey from London to Liverpool I was sourly disappointed.
I was booked on a 6.30pm coach to arrive at Liverpool at 12:05.
The service was delayed by 90 minutes due to “severe traffic”.
Although, the 6:30 pm national express coach to Liverpool that was boarding at the gate next to ours, seemed to
have no trouble departing on time. Not only was the delay on your service inconvenient, it was costly.
Instead of being able to catch one of the last 2 bus services from the Liverpool one bus station,
I was forced to take a taxi home. I had not planned on doing this.

I hope you will improve on your services, so I won’t need to opt for alternative service providers.

Many thanks for your time,

Disgruntled passenger.

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