Heebie Jeebies

I had heard a lot about this bar/club? Seems to be the place everyone goes. The ‘super cool place for the in crowd’. So… I went. The queue wasn’t bad, it moved quite fast. Though the bouncers were a bit off to the people in front of us, they seemed to have no issue with us. Got in sometime after midnight, it was heaving. This is good, nothing fun about an empty nightclub. But that’s about all that was good about heebies …..if you ask me. Drinks were average priced. Music was average at best and virtually non-existent in some areas. I did a bit of a walk about the club, and people were just standing around talking. Heebie jeebies is an OK bar. But I don’t see the mass appeal. Genuinely think it’s only thriving on the fact that people SAY it’s the place to be. . .So people try to be there. The name is pretty good though.

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