FeD – Cardiff


A new restaurant is in town, or should I say a few new restaurants are in town and they are all under one roof.

Former members of the team that managed Red Hot World Buffet, branched out to create their very own dining experience. FeD, is a buffet style restaurant with a twist. Apart from the array of food from a variety of cuisines set out for you to serve yourself, there are stations where you order freshly cooked meals that will be served to your table. There are about 9 different kinds of savoury foods to try, as well as a delicious spread of desserts including white and milk chocolate fountains.

I visited FeD with a vegetarian friend, as soon as we walked in we were greeted by a friendly waitress. We asked if we could look around first, to check out the veggie options. We were allowed to take a quick look by ourselves, then a chef was called out to talk us through the vegetarian choices. After this we were greeted by a particularly friendly Rajat, who shared a joke with us and took us to our seats.

By the end of our stay, we were definitely FeD. Arguably the most impressive feat was having enough possibilities to appease my vegetarian friend! I also have a very sweet tooth, and the desserts were marvelous. For £12.99 (All day on a Sunday), this place is amazing value for money too. Picked up a loyalty card while I was there since I will definitely be returning.

Would I change anything at FeD? Yes, I’d add some waffles to go with the icre-cream and chocolate!! But that’s about all I can think of, even the location (next to cineworld), is pretty perfect.

A job well done to the guys at FeD.

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